Matrimony Program

We provide the networking opportunity to Registered Members to review and select the most suitable match

Dedicated voluntary personnel who understand your expectations and provide the required assistance

Mission of IFSF

The Islamic Foundation of South Florida is dedicated to the service of Allah SWT by serving the Muslim community. Our mission is focused on helping our community grow in faith and action through the dissemination of Islamic knowledge.

Vision of IFSF

Nurturing the Muslim identity in the contemporary North American Society to reflect the true spirit of Islam.

The institution provides the Muslim families of South Florida with an infrastructure to raise their children in the Islamic way as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah. This includes the provision of a full-time Islamic School, Hifz Program, part-time school and masjid facilities and various other services to promote community development.

IFSF Matrimony is a subsidiary of the division of Community development. Other services offered include Food Pantry, Alfalah, Youth programs, interfaith and community outreach, educational programs for adults, book club, sports facilities and social activities.