Outreach Committee

IFSF Outreach Committee Mission Statement

IFSF Interfaith and Outreach celebrates religious freedom by promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy, supporting local community service efforts by providing a forum where members of our community can work together to counteract extremism, by exploring and
celebrating our diversity.

1. On going dialogue by Mufti Sultan with other faith communities
 2. Participation in “Ten Days of Connect.” 
3. Support Revert Muslims and new members to IFSF 
4. Interfaith participation with Sisters of Shalom, Salam
5. Speakers Bureau (Islam 101):  

A free service to recognize and respond to goodwill and curiosity of those in our wider community who are reaching out to us for answers to their questions.

• Purpose: Humanize Muslims by identifying and addressing common stereotypes and replacing them with real world positive examples.

Goal: Address misunderstanding and misrepresentations of Muslims in American society and in the media. As Muslims, we must define ourselves rather than relying on others to define us. We must introduce ourselves to this society and we must do it properly and authentically.