Welfare Projects

IFSF sponsors many community welfare  projects on a regular basis.
Our IFSF Food Pantry provides groceries and food items on a monthly basis to many needy families in our extended community.
Through the Food Pantry we are also able to provide support for disaster relief, immigrant familes rehabilitation, and local community efforts of Sunrise, Florida.

Welfare Projects

Feeding the homeless and needy in our community is a priority for IFSF. In this regard, IFSF organizes and sponsors many days at our local Ft. Lauderdale Project Downtown location. Through sponsors by students from our weekend school, we have a monthly schedule arranged in which IFSF sponsors 1 Saturday every month at PD Ft. Lauderdale. More details are as follows:

What: Feed the homeless and needy

When: 1 Saturday of every month, 1pm (IFSF Sponsored).  Project Downtown otherwise meets every Saturday at 1pm.

Where: Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, on the corner of Andrews and Broward Blvd, in front of the library.

Why: To please God Almighty and seek His reward.

How you can help: You can assist with food preparation, donate clothing/hygiene products, that we can bring along on our trip for distribution. If interested, please contact Fauzia Kausar, weekend school principal, or email info@ifsf.net.